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GrimBones - Unique Ear Plugs from Polymer Clay!

Handcrafted Polymer Ear Plugs!

Be sure to check out this really cool Etsy seller GrimBones! She makes really unique ear plugs from polymer clay!!

About her:

I am an artist from the Windy City and I make plugs for gauged ears out of polymer clay. I am always dabbling in some new project and I love to try different mediums. I want to someday expand my products and maybe even open a second shop! I always get inspired by nature, color, and beauty. Click here to go to her Etsy site!

JohnnieBelinda - Psychic Artist

So I had this really cool artist come across my path. Here's her bio, she has really some cool paintings. Be sure to check it out on Etsy! Click here!

johnniebelinda's Shop Announcement

INSPIRITIONAL ART FROM THE WITHIN STUDIO. MY ART IS CREATED TO BRING JOY AND UPLIFT SPIRITS THROUGH IT'S IMAGERY AND COLOR. I am a psychic my art works have hidden images in them, look closely and you will see anything from spirits, animals,angels,demons.
When I do readings i draw and interpret what is appearing on the paper. Thus my art works carry on in the same vein, i do not normally have an idea to will be created i just let it happen.

NYX Catalog Sales

So I just got my NYX Catalog sales kit in the mail. You just call their catalog department and ask to become a representative. It's really neat to do home parties, etc. All of this for $99. If you have any questions, please leave a comment!

Total kit

Lip Glosses

Black Label Lip Stick

Eye Shadow Trios

Blushes and Bronzers

Carrying Case


Lip/Eye Pencils

Diamond Lipsticks

Lip Liner Swatches

Eye Liner Swatches

New Website Launched

Okay, so I just launched my new website,

I am so excited...check it out!! Soon I am going to start selling NYX and MAC Cosmetics there. Right now I have a lot of unique sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

Image above is my sterling silver crown charm with 18" snake chain $30.00