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NYX Browns and Nudes Tutorial

Victorian Replica Heart Vinaigrette Necklace - VERY UNIQUE-

This is an extremely unique item and hard to find. Back in the Victorian Era, women didn't have the luxury of bathing everyday, they were even lucky if they could bathe one a week. So to calm their so called stench, they would take these vinaigrette and open them up and dip the pad in some scented oils and wear them around their necks and when needed, they would take the pad out and reapply the oils to their neck or where ever needed.

This vinaigrette is made of sterling silver on a 18" rope chain. It opens up to a red pad that you can spray with your perfume or dip in your favorite oils. The smell lasts a long time and is the talk of every conversation! The pad can be easily washed with soap and water and left out to dry.

The heart measures 1 1/4"w x 1/2"d.

Comes with 18" rope chain. Truly unique!

You can buy this on my site, or click on the link

Now Selling!

Okay, so besides my love for makeup, okay...obsession for makeup, I am really into making jewelry, preferably sterling silver since that's what I do all day, sell sterling. I just launched my new Etsy site called There I am selling tons of unique sterling silver such as wine glass markers, bracelets, necklaces and such. Check it out, I would love to hear your feedback and I will be putting more up daily.

AND...hopefully by the end of April I am looking to have launched my own website, where I will be selling MAC, NYX, jewelry, and unqiue gifts. I just have to figure out the whole shopping cart thing :(, if anyone has recommendations, please let me know!

Here's a couple of pictures of the sterling silver items I am selling on Etsy.
Sterling Silver Wine Glass Charm Markers - Glass beads with sterling silver core

Sterling silver heart bracelet 7.5in with toggle

Sterling Silver wine charm bracelet 8inches
And my FAVORITE! Sterling silver heart charm with swarovski crystals on 16" box chain.

Check out my site!

Purple and Blue Eyes

Products Used:

MAC Stars and Rockets on the lid
MAC Black Tide in crease
MAC Vellum in inner corner and for highlight
MAC eyeliner in Smolder
**To achieve the dark purple look in the crease, take a shadow brush and place Stars and Rockets on top of Black Tide. What's really cool about Stars and Rockets is that when it is placed over black, it turns the black into a blueish purpleish.

Ulta Lip Plumper - naturally makes your lips look pink: This product does not sting your lips like Urban Decay Lip Plumper and it works really well!

Welcome to Make-up Junkie for Life!

Hey everyone!

I'd like to welcome you to my new blog. Here everything we talk is make-up, what's new, what's in and what's hot. I will be doing tutorials, product reviews, and even giving away prizes. Make sure to check back often and subscribe to my blog!

Thanks and I'll be seeing you soon!


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