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Victorian Replica Heart Vinaigrette Necklace - VERY UNIQUE-

This is an extremely unique item and hard to find. Back in the Victorian Era, women didn't have the luxury of bathing everyday, they were even lucky if they could bathe one a week. So to calm their so called stench, they would take these vinaigrette and open them up and dip the pad in some scented oils and wear them around their necks and when needed, they would take the pad out and reapply the oils to their neck or where ever needed.

This vinaigrette is made of sterling silver on a 18" rope chain. It opens up to a red pad that you can spray with your perfume or dip in your favorite oils. The smell lasts a long time and is the talk of every conversation! The pad can be easily washed with soap and water and left out to dry.

The heart measures 1 1/4"w x 1/2"d.

Comes with 18" rope chain. Truly unique!

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