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Funky * Classic * Elegant * Colorful Jewlery by Virginie

Looking for some funky, colorful, yet elegant jewelry? You have come to the right spot! Be sure to check out Virginie's shop on Etsy here or by clicking on any of the photos below.

Circus Glass Necklace

This cool and funky necklace is made with a stained glass piece, hand cut and sanded-smooth by me. It has a funny color, a kiwi green with some powder blue swirls but it will look a bit different depending of the light. I wrapped the glass piece in an oxidized copper wire with a tiny orange glass bead on the tip. The pendant comes with a delicate oxidized copper chain. It is very lightweight and casual.

Pendant is approx. 2 inches long and 1,3 inch at the largest point.

August Landscape Ring

This cool and colorful ring is perfect for the hot month of august!
It features a fused glass cabochon I made with white glass, green, red and yellow glass chips and powder and clear glass. It comes with an adjustable silver plated ring.

Teal Candy Earrings

This pair of yummy earrings makes me think about sunny islands, french Polynesia or Mexico.I used swirly teal glass flat beads. I matched them with small aqua semi-precious stones and silver plated ear hooks.

Glass beads are almost 1 inch large
The earring is 2 inches long with the hook.

Handmade Hair Clips Using Vintage Neckties

So here's a really unique shop that I came across on Etsy. TattieTats creates unique inspirational hair clips using some of her Grandfather's ties: Here's her story and some awesome images. Be sure to stop by her Etsy shop here or by clicking on any of the photos below.

***TattieTats Story***
All of my items are handmade in my home, using mostly vintage materials. My inspiration came from my husband's grandfather's neckties, which were just laying in a box taking up space.

John inherited Papa Stoneman's ties when he passed away several years ago. At one time, these neckties were well-loved. Papa Stoneman was quite the dresser in his time, you see. Having lived through the Depression, he also saved everything he ever bought, including his multitude of ties. So, John received quite the tie collection. However, having his own style, John did not wish to wear many of his grandfather's ties. After some time, they found their way into a tote under our bed.

Not long ago, I decided that Papa's ties needed a new life. I pulled them out and started fiddling with designs. After some trial and error, TattieTats were born. Using Papa Stoneman's ties, I create unique hair accessories for lovely ladies. Tattie combs, pins, and hairbands make the perfect signature piece. They can be worn with the most formal attire, yet are equally appropriate for those jeans-and-tees days.

All of my products are made by hand, though I do use a sewing machine for hems. I then hand-sew each piece, adding lace, button, felt, and bead details to create a unique item. No two tatties are ever the same. When you buy from TattieTats, you can be assured that you will never see another item quite like yours!

Piper TattiePin

Piper is made from a wine, navy, and white striped tie. She also has a few orange, yellow, and brown stripes. A silver-tone swirled button is offset to complete her look. This is a perfect accessory for fall and winter, reminding one of all the comforts of home.

Measures approximately 2.75" by 3.25"
Affixed to a 2.5" metal bobby slide
Hand sewn

Cool Corbel Tattieband

Cool Corbel fits one chic chick. This headband features two different tatties and one large vintage button. Both tatties are made from vintage neckties.

The largest tattie, a simple floret, is made from a slate gray, wine, olive green, and cream print. You can also detect some shades of royal blue. The second tattie is made from a brown and cream striped tie and backed with a brown satin ribbon. This ruffly flower sits adjacent to a large gold-tone vintage button, with a smaller white button attached.

The trio is glued to a black decorative headband for durability. The underside of the black plastic headband contains teeth for a no-slip finish.

Tattie cluster measures approximately 4" and is attached to a standard size headband.
Hand sewn, machine hemmed

All Buttoned Up in Grass Green

Your day will be a walk in the park when you tuck these grass green button pins into your hair! Bright green vintage buttons are affixed to bobby pins for any gal's 'do

Each bobby pin is 2 3/16" long
Set of two

ZenDesignStudio - Etsy Promotional Products and More!

Be sure to check out ZenDesignStudio's Etsy shop for some unique Etsy promotional tools and more! She specializes in business graphic designs, photographic art, and stationery for your everyday life. She also does custom orders so be sure to stop by her shop here!

Promotional Car Door Magnet

Want to get more business while driving around town? Let your car do the promoting for you!

This listing is for one small car magnet (11.25" x 8.5") complete with a custom design. Printed on a durable high strength magnet, in full color, this magnet will be sure to get your business noticed!!

I can do a large magnet (17.3" x 11.25") for $35, convo me and I will do a custom listing for you.

Animal Cracker Name Poster

Make learning the letters in your child's name fun with this colorful modern animal poster! Custom designed, one of a kind poster that takes the letters that make up your child's name and pairs it with a simple animal shape in the order of the name. A great way to introduce letters in a way that isn't overwhelming.
I can do any color combination and have tons of fonts and animals to choose from- see all my examples!

This listing is for an 11x14 professional poster print suitable for framing. I will ship the poster in a poster tube Priority or First Class with the greatest care! Other sizes are available, convo me for a custom listing!

**I can do words instead of names as well, just put it in the notes to seller!!**

Etsy Starter Package

Are you new to Etsy and just want enough to get yourself going? Maybe your budget won't allow for all the bells and whistles? This listing is for you!
Included are the following:

logo design
Reserved Listing graphic
Thank You Feedback graphic
Web Advertising Graphic
100 business cards
What a great deal!!!

Your logo design will be unique to you, I never do pre-fab work. And once I have your design on file I can easly order other promo materials for you like postcards, magnets, and return address labels.

Just convo me with your information and we can get started!

Victorian Style Chatelaines

I thought I would do a blog post about the Victorian Style Chatelaines as I find them a very fascinating and beautiful piece of history. We still use Chatelaines today for reenactments such as Renaissance Fairs and they are still a very popular piece of history.

Chatelaine means "Lady of the Castle". Chatelaines were worn by many housekeepers in the 19th century. According to Wikipedia a Chatelaine is a decorative belt hook or clasp worn at the waist with a series of chains suspended from it. Each chain is mounted with a useful household appendage such as scissors, thimble, watch, key, vinaigrette, household seal, etc.

Here you will find a series of pictures of Antique Replica Sterling Silver Chatelaines and common items found on these chatelaines. Most items are hung from the Chatelaine by a lobster clasp or a large spring clip so they can be easily removed.

Since most wealthy women were rarely seen outside of their house without their chatelaine, they became a very decorative piece to show off their wealth as many of the Chatelaines were made of either Gold or Silver. See picture to the left.

Besides decorating their chatelaine to show their wealth, they was also used for a functional purpose. During the 19th century when almost every wealthy family had servants, the women of the household kept their pantry locked to keep the servants from stealing food. Tea and sugar were very expensive so the women of the household would keep the keys to their pantry on their Chatelaine and only open the pantry when the servant needed to cook.

One item that was commonly hung from a Chatelaine that I found extremely fascinating was the vinaigrette. During Victorian Era, women didn't have the luxury of bathing everyday. They would take these vinaigrette's and dip the pad in scented oils and wear them around their necks and when needed, they would take the pad out and re-apply the oils to their neck or where ever needed.

Belt Chatelaine

Chatelaines also took a large role in sewing. Since sewing was a large part of a woman's duty during the 19th century, it was essential for her to have all of her sewing supplies on her waist. The large lobster clasps or the large spring clasps that hung from the chatelaine would hold many sewing items such as scissors, pin cushion, thimble cases, tape measures, and needle cases.

The images above show a number of Victorian Replica sewing items made of sterling silver that would have been hung from the chatelaine. They are still used a lot today and the real vintage ones can be found online for thousands of dollars, but they are extremely gorgeous and have so much history. Everything was made with such fine attention to detail. The belt chatelatines have small images of cherubs or working women with such magnificant designs.

All of these items are available in my shop so if you are interested in reading more, click on any of the picture to be brought to my site.

MarthasPerfectScents Hand Poured Candles and More

MarthasPerfectScents Hand Poured Candles and More to Make You Feel At Home

Be sure to stop by MarthasPerfectScents Etsy shop:

She has extremely unique hand poured candles and more that really make you feel at home. Great scents and great designs, perfect for the Holiday Season. Click on any image to be brought to her shop!

Blue Corian Pen

This beautiful pen is hand turned out of corian and sanded to a beautiful shine. The pen pieces are a brushed satin.

This is a slimline twist pen. This pen is light weight and feels good in your hand.

Old Fashioned Christmas Soy Candle

Soy wax burns cleaner and is 100% natural.
That is why I use hemp wicks, they are natural also.

These great candles will not bother asthma.

The candle is highly scented, hand poured into a mason jar, and the jar will clean up with soap and water to be reused.

Please allow 5 days for shipping, as all candles are hand poured.

Take a step back in time with fresh baked carrot cake with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

The approximate burn time is 47 hours for this 14 oz. candle.

Home Sweet Home Soy Candle

A strong housewarming spicy cinnamon.

Sparks a memory every time it is burned.

Approximately 47 hours of burn time for this 14 oz candle.

Take a peice of home with you everywhere you go.

Soy wax burns cleaner and is 100% natural.
That is why I use hemp wicks, they are natural also.

These great candles will not bother asthma.

The candle is highly scented, hand poured into a mason jar, and the jar will clean up with soap and water to be reused.

Please allow 5 days for shipping, as all candles are hand poured