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Funky * Classic * Elegant * Colorful Jewlery by Virginie

Looking for some funky, colorful, yet elegant jewelry? You have come to the right spot! Be sure to check out Virginie's shop on Etsy here or by clicking on any of the photos below.

Circus Glass Necklace

This cool and funky necklace is made with a stained glass piece, hand cut and sanded-smooth by me. It has a funny color, a kiwi green with some powder blue swirls but it will look a bit different depending of the light. I wrapped the glass piece in an oxidized copper wire with a tiny orange glass bead on the tip. The pendant comes with a delicate oxidized copper chain. It is very lightweight and casual.

Pendant is approx. 2 inches long and 1,3 inch at the largest point.

August Landscape Ring

This cool and colorful ring is perfect for the hot month of august!
It features a fused glass cabochon I made with white glass, green, red and yellow glass chips and powder and clear glass. It comes with an adjustable silver plated ring.

Teal Candy Earrings

This pair of yummy earrings makes me think about sunny islands, french Polynesia or Mexico.I used swirly teal glass flat beads. I matched them with small aqua semi-precious stones and silver plated ear hooks.

Glass beads are almost 1 inch large
The earring is 2 inches long with the hook.


Hampers said...

Wow....All the fashion gifts looks wonderful. The give away look is so cute. keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

Jeff Byer said...

You are very creative and your designs are wonderful.
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streetsmart said...

i love the teal earrings! etsy is really the place to go on the internet when you need unique and cheap handmade accessories!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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