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Baby Cocoon/Swaddler for Parents--HARVEST

I can across these handmade cocoon swaddles and I just fell in love them! If only I had a baby, I would go crazy for these. Check out this wonderful Etsy seller at here!

This is a handmade cocoon/swaddle made by Little Darlings Knits! Every cocoon is appx. 20 inches in length.

It is dark golds, oranges, autumn umber and olive. It is very cozy and soft, and has great stretch ability. There is a little hole at the bottom and isn't too tightly knit so tiny toes can peek out for the cutest photos!

It is perfect for a prop for baby’s first photos, keeping your baby snug and warm while nursing, or just something cute to cuddle them in!

Please hand wash in cold water : Click on image to be brought to her Etsy site!


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