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AmgGem - Colorful Handcrafted Jewelry

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I love working with my hands.There is something about creating something. I also love jewelry. I find that Jewelry can make any outfit with the style of the Necklace or Earrings. You could have a t-shirt and jeans on and if you put on a large necklace in and a few bangles you are saying something.With out even talking.

I am very picky with the items and materials that I use and because of this you will find everything is sterling silver, most beads are glass or crystal. I want my items to hold up wear and tear because thats what they are supposed to be used for. My jewelery should be warn not kept in a jewelry box and only worn when you can be delicate with them. I wouldnt suggest pulling the clasps and trying to break it ofcourse. I price my jewelry as low as possible because I feel everyone should be able to wear high quality items and not have to miss out on other things they want that week. Nothing I hate more then figuring out what I am going to have to give up to get that special little treat for my self.

Full Chakra Necklace

Chakra Necklace. This necklace is all the chakras in order with responding color and stone. Chakras stones are believed to balance you and keep you aligned.

Chakra 1: Violet - amethyst, Crown Chakra
Chakra 2: Indigo- Aquamarine, Third Eye
Chakra 3: Blue - lapis,sodalite, azurite Throat Chakra
Chakra 4: Green - peridot, Heart Chakra
Chakra 5: Yellow - citrine, Solar Plexus
Chakra 6: Orange - carnelian, The Naval
Chakra 7: Red - red garnet,Root Chakra

Stained Glass Window Cathedral Jewels Pendant

This pendant is a stained glass window bead, wire wrapped. A local artist recycled a stained glass window into beads. They have that beautiful glow that you get from stain glass windows. I will include a picture of the stained glass window this came from. I love this piece for so many reasons its one of a kind it glows and it came from such a wonderful place.

Whats at the end at the rainbow

Furnace glass rainbow bead with sparkley swarovski crystals. Will go with everything.


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