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Ethora Wire Wrapping Jewelry

Ethora does some really great wire wrapping, I am so impressed! Such talent!! Be sure to check out her Etsy site here!

Four Seasons Tree of Life Pendant

This wire-wrapped tree of life pendant takes 5 - 6 hours to create and uses twelve feet of sterling silver wire, but the result is worth it. The gemstones in this piece include:

Winter - Crystal Quartz (natural and untreated)
Spring - Aventurine (natural and untreated)
Summer - Emerald (natural and oiled)
Fall - Amber (natural and heated)

*Made with high quality reclaimed sterling silver wire.

Your Seasonal Cycle Tree of Life pendant will be made to order using the same gemstones listed above unless otherwise specified. If you wish, you may order your Tree of Life pendant with any combination of the above or following gemstones: moonstone, peridot, dark green aventurine (which looks more like emeralds than my real emerald chips), and moss agate. Other stones may be ordered, but will take some extra time for me to acquire.

This pendant measures approximately 40mm in diameter. Please allow up to three business days for your order to be shipped

Moonstone Ring

This moonstone really does look moon-like! It has been wrapped in recycled sterling silver, and the ends of the wire have been filed so that the ring will be comfortable to wear.

Size 6.5

I can re-wrap this stone in your size for an extra $5.00. Please convo me after your purchase if you need a re-wrap.

Mother Nature's Bling Earrings - Quartz and Gold Vermeil

Tell little kids that these are diamonds, and they will believe you! But then tell them that you're just kidding because, well you know, it's not nice to lie.

The truth of the matter is that these earrings are made from two roughly faceted quartz crystals and gold vermeil (24k gold over sterling silver). The stones measure approximately 14mm x 10mm, and they hang about an inch from the ear.

So much fun! Wear in happiness.


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