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The Passion Cross Ring

So here is one of my new designs. A friend came up with the concept while she was sitting on a plane and she came to us and asked us to make her product a reality. The ring is made of .925 sterling silver with red and white CZ's. It has to be the most stunning ring I have ever seen. It has such great shine and has an e-coating protectant on it to prevent it from tarnishing for many years.

Read below to see the meaning behind the ring. It is very powerful. More images below as well.

Fire -- represents the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:2-4) at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came in cloven tongues of fire.

Cross -- Represents the Gospel, from the beginning to the end.

3- Rubies -- The Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Rubies also represent the blood of the pierced hands and feet of JESUS.)

7- Diamonds--Seven is the number of completion. JESUS completed it all.

10- Total stones in the ring (Ten is the number of testing) JESUS passed the test of all times.

The ring is made of .925 sterling silver with a non-tarnish coating and the stones are cubic zirconias.

RINGS COME IN SIZES 5, 6, 7 & 8. Please mention desired size when ordering.

Click here to order the ring, I promise you'll love it!


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