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SoInLoveDesigns - One of a Kind Jewelry and Paintings

I came across SoInLoveDesigns on Etsy and I just fell in love with her abstract art and jewelry. She can do custom orders for any colors of abstract art you wish. Take a look at her Etsy shop for some of the most unique jewelry and abstract paintings. Also below are 3 of my favorite pieces she makes! You won't regret it!

Click here to visit her store!

Cool Tones Mini Canvas Set

Here are 9 mini canvases in great colors! Blue, green and purple. Each canvas has 3 shades of its color dark, med, light.

I have arranged the colors in a dark to light and then in a random way. You can choose to place the colors where you like!

The Great thing about this is you can always add more on if you like.

The size of each canvas is 5x5x1. So with 9 canvases next to each other would be 15in. I would suggest spreading them apart and inch or more which will created a larger surface area.

Now the price =(
I usually sell my mini canvases for 5.50 each which would mean that this would cost 49.50
But I am willing to give this to you for 40% at $30.00

**NOTE** shipping is just an estimate and I do ship internationally

Chocolate Caramel Sundae Necklace

This is a short necklace that was made with ribbon. The necklace itself can be lengthened by making a smaller bow in the ribbon. This necklace is has a beautiful shimmer to the beads and has colors of a chocolate caramel sundae. ENJOY

Too Blue Earring

I bought these silver sterling earrings and had no idea what I was going to do with them. Then I cam across my cat's eye glass beads and decided to use them. The earrings are sterling silver and the beads are glass. I hope you find them to be dainty and simple and just right!


If you need further information about the size just convo me!!
These cannot be custom ordered sorry


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