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Tarot and Other Things by the Fox, Elsewhere

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The Big One, 49 Card Gypsy Spread

This is the Cadillac of tarot readings. It is enormous.

Normally I offer to do all readings in person, whether on chat, IM, phone, or with the person. This one? I can't It takes a long time to set up, and a long time to interpret.

This takes me five or six hours to do, It is a spread of 49 cards, six groups of seven cards and then another seven to provide crosses and other info. It is a Serious Reading.

I don't ask for a question in this reading, it speaks for itself.

A written summary of the reading and detailed recount of it, and my analysis is provided to all clients.

This is Serious Business. It takes me almost a day to do, and expect that I might need some info from you before I do it, i.e. where you live, who you are, and why you need a reading. I don't cold read, I'm good at this, and this is the best of this art, it takes a lot of time, and, well, is tough.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

This is the reading I prefer, and man, it is a good one.

Past future, present, this one does it all, well, it is the traditional reading espoused by AE Waite, WB Yeats, and if you've never had a tarot reading, this is the place to start.

If you know your tarot, I give a good read, I'm really a traditionalist, and take the time to look at each card. I have a couple of decks, so I can give you a read in your preferred deck if I have one, if not, well lets talk, I'll get one. Or find one that's close.

I try to provide a hands on, no BS, research and knowledge centered tarot reading. I'll tell you what I think your reading means, but also why I think that.

All clients are provided a written summary, mailed to you to keep and refer to. I try to make this detailed and something you can refer to in the future, and also take to other readers as a 'past reading'

Thank you for looking at my listing.


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